The College Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) has granted college credit for over 50 years. It is one of the best-kept secrets in higher education.

SpeedyPrep was designed with one idea in mind:  to offer CLEP® exam preparation material that truly prepares a subscriber to pass their exam. We also wanted to keep our prices reasonable and membership flexible for our subscribers to keep their education costs down.

Using the CLEP® exam guidelines as published by the College Board, SpeedyPrep devised its ‘fill in the blank’ flashcard question format.  Added question explanations and short videos expand the user’s knowledge of a flashcard question. Each of our 24 courses cover the broad range of facts, concepts, vocabulary and processes a user needs to learn to pass their CLEP® exam.

The developers incorporated Mastery Learning concepts to SpeedyPrep’s study materials.  Mastery Learning works with how we both learn and retain new information.  The human brain needs repeated exposure to information before the memory can retain it.  SpeedyPrep knew that mastery could be measured, and the progress bar was born.  Every time a student correctly answers a question, an algorithm records it.  That, in turn, fills in a progress bar to show our subscribers the growing mastery of their subject.

The progress bar allows SpeedyPrep to guarantee its materials.  We do so because we are confident that our materials are sufficient to prepare our subscribers for their CLEP® exams.

Our courses are curated by master teachers and college professors and we work to keep our materials in line with any changes the College Board® publishes about the exams.

We welcome any questions you may have.  Please email us at [email protected]

“I passed 5 CLEP® exams so far”
I have used SpeedyPrep for about 5 CLEP® exams so far and I have passed every single one because of you guys! So thank you for your great program!
– Ruthie H.